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USSR Life. The soldiers turn around after the girls. 1965  

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St. Johann Kirche, Davos Platz  (um 1930)

  • E.L. Kirchner, Blick auf das Rathaus und die Kirche St. Johann in Davos Platz, um 1930
  • E.L. Kirchner, Blick von der Bahnhofstraße auf die Kirche St. Johann in Davos Platz, um 1930
  • E.L. Kirchner, Zwei Personen auf dem Weg zur Stafelalp, um 1920. 
  • E.L. Kirchner, Bergwald, um 1920


  • Urseli Hunger mit Blumenkranz und Ernst Ludwig Kirchners Kater Boby, um 1920 (Urseli Hunger with a wreath of flowers and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s cat, Boby, about 1920) by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
  • Urseli Hunger mit Blumenkranz, um 1920 (Urseli Hunger with a wreath of flowers, about 1920) by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner


Alexei playing with his dog, Joy.

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H.I.R.M. Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria, King of Hungary  (1830-1916)

E.L. Kirchner, Clavadel Mountain Seen from Frauenkirch, 1933

"Plato wollte die bildende Kunst im Staate abschaffen! Auch das dritte Reich braucht keine Kunst!"

E.L. Kirchner (Brief vom 10 August 1935 an Dr. Bauer)

"Ein einiges Europa wäre das Ende der Kriege und es wird kommen, aber wann?"

A united Europe would be the end of wars and it will come, but when?

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880 – 1938), German painter, printworker and sculptor

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30. Dezember 1924

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1931-1932-1933-1934 LM champion

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Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse as a young man.


Crown Jewels spam - 22. Romanian Crown Jewels

The Romanian regalia is rather new in comparison to most European crown jewels, its pieces dating from between the late 19th century and the 1940s.

- The Steel Crown of Romania (c. 1880) is the oldest piece in the collection, and was made from an Ottoman cannon captured during the Wars of Independence. It was the coronation crown used by most Kings of the Romanians, with the exception of Carol II.

- The Crown of Queen Elisabeta was made around the same time for the coronation of Elisabeth of Wied as Queen of the Romanians. Unlike Carol’s crown, it’s made of gold, although lacking any gemstones.

- The Crown of Queen Maria was made in 1922 for the coronation of Ferdinand I of Romania and Marie of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. It’s made of gold and can be considered the most elaborate piece in the collection.

-  King Carol I was in possession of a sword, made of steel and partly gold plated, with a jewelled sheath.

- A spiked sceptre (mace) was made for the coronation of Ferdinand I in 1922.

- Another mace was presented to Carol II by his troops in 1940.

The collection is on display at the National Museum of Romanian History in Bucharest.

1. Coronation portrait of Ferdinand I of Romania by unknown artist, 1922

2. Heraldic depiction of the Crown of Queen Elisabeta, from Hugo Gerard Ströhl’s Heraldischer Atlas, 1899

3, 4. Coronation portraits of Queen Maria, 1922

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"Ben Maher and Aristo Z win the CSI5* Prize of Qatar 1.50 in Paris, France @RBpresse"

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